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To-Do List for Matthew, Age 2 Jul. 17th, 2005 @ 04:08 pm
1. Yell "Daddy Island! at the tv when a commercial comes on
2. Pull silly putty into long feathery strings and attach to hair
3. Say "Let's go" and push silly putty covered stuffed animal on floor while making train noises
4. Pull shirt up over silly puttied hair
5. Cry, grab and drop camera when mommy tries to take picture
6. Bath with Daddy:

Daddy Bath
Originally uploaded by jchinique.

GTD with Post-Its Jul. 4th, 2005 @ 05:56 pm
Freelance writer Tammy Cravit uses post-it notes and a 3 ring binder to create a swell system for on the go organizing and notetaking.
Introducing the Post-It-Portable Workspace

Ken Schram refute Jun. 15th, 2005 @ 04:20 pm

Well written article in support of nursing in public, in the wake of the Barbara Walters debacle.

Dad is Gonna Lurve This.........BeardHack! Jun. 2nd, 2005 @ 11:29 am

I think I can make this with and old pair of sunglasses and some duct tape in time for Father's Day. And I can show him this tutorial too. He will look so bold.

bendystraw crafty goodness! May. 19th, 2005 @ 12:26 pm

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» i would definitely use this:
» na-na

Originally uploaded by jchinique.
How does weaning happen? It's supposed to be a natural process but it feels anything but. Many cultures breastfeed well past toddlerhood, although it's almost unheard of to find a child past 3 or so nursing in this country.
Is it an attachment/security issue? I try to see if there's a parallel in the animal kingdom. A human infant with "high needs" might breastfeed longer because he needs to, and a maturing tiger cub could get a swat or be refused at his next attempt for getting too rambunctious.
So do we omit the middle of the night feeding first? Or the morning I-just want-to-stay-in-bed-for-5-more-minutes one? What about the
myolderbrotherwontsharehistoyandIjustwantsomeonetoholdme nursie? Tough choice. We're weaning every day, and someday we won't ever nurse again.

» Flickr
This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.
» clogging up the net with garbage
Googlefight is fun. I was playing it with my son and putting in silly words and names trying to get a zero zero match. Finally we arrived at this: baby bop's mystical cave vs. barney's lickable castle . There, in theory, now that I've referenced it, it won't be a zero any longer since Google will index this page sooner or later (unless there's some anti LJ indexing feature i'm unaware of, which is entirely possible.) I figure if enough people post their Googlefight zeroes, the web will be so filled up with nonsense we can bring this bloody thing to a standstill!
OK maybe not, but it's still fun to try...
» among other things
1. First grade teacher: Miss Cafone
2. Last word you said: honey
3. Last song you sang: "listen to the music"
4. Last person you hugged: Matthew
5. Last thing you laughed at: Matthew pointing
6. Last time you said, "I love you": this morning
7. Last time you cried: this afternoon
8. What's in your CD player: Dolphin songs
9. What color socks are you wearing: brown
10. What's under your bed: the floor
11. What time did you wake up today: 6:15
12. Current taste: classic casual
13. Current hair: up in a bun
14. Current clothes: blue jeans, pink sweater
15. Current annoyance: people driving too fast on icy roads
16. Current longing: peace in my heart
17. Current desktop picture: "focus"
18. Current worry: eczema
19. Current hate: fundamentalism
20. Story behind your LJ name: none
21. Current favorite article of clothing: pink sweater
22. Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex/same sex: forearms/neck
23. Last CD that you bought: eurythmics "seventeen again/saved the world today"
24. Favorite place to be: under the covers
25. Least favorite place: in the cold
26. Time you wake up in the morning: 8:00
27. If you could play an instrument, what would it be: flute
28. Favorite color: blue
29. Do your believe in an afterlife: yes
30. How tall are you: 5'8"
31. Current favorite word/saying: "really?!"/"leave your brother alone"
32. Favorite book: cosmos
33. Favorite season: fall
34. One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: my Mom
35. Favorite day: wednesday
36. Where do you want to go: netherlands
37. What is your career going to be like: exciting
38. How many kids do you want: 3-5
39. What kind of car will you have: convertible
40. Type a line you remember from any book: new digs in pushkar
41. A random lyric: lucy in the sky with diamonds
42. Identify some things surrounding your computer: tupperware container of almonds, the wrapper from a "totally spies tape, a pencil, payless coupon
43.Last part of your body you scratched: forehead
thanks eafm
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